Wedding planner : Entrust us with the organisation of your wedding

We put our know-how and expertise at your disposal to offer you the ultimate in tailor-made services for this unique day.

The organization of your wedding in Nice, Cannes or on the French Riviera

Bespoke service: we intervene on a specific request of your wedding or any part of the organization. We intervene on the entire wedding in every detail and until D-Day. We will be able to accompany you in each stage of the organization of the wedding to punctuate with you the imperatives, the planning, the suppliers, the budget…

You dream of an exceptional wedding and which resembles you for the most beautiful day of your life, surrounded by your family and friends, our wedding planner in Nice Gustavo is there for you, so that the celebration of your union will be like a fairy tale. Intimate or large, we will make this day, the most magical and unique, the one you have imagined, in respect of traditions or creative, we accompany you in your choices.

We are specialized in the organization of your wedding in Nice, Cannes, Monaco and on all the French Riviera since many years. In all aspects, location, decoration, flowers, service suppliers, we are a united and complete team and we know how to put all our expertise and energy at your disposal for this magical moment, full of emotion.

For the organization of your wedding, we are better served by professionals, who love and know their job as wedding planners.

Organization of your wedding by a wedding planner in Nice

An unbeatable know-how

For a part of the organization or on a specific request, we take care of what you wish to entrust us. You may need to delegate the floral or decoration part, do not hesitate to let us know your need, we accompany you and take to heart to offer you a quality service that meets your expectations. Trust our experience of wedding planning in Nice, whatever your need, delegate without hesitation to Gustavo, a great wedding planner of the French Riviera.

The complete formula

We take care of your entire wedding in Nice, Cannes, Monaco, etc., the whole organization in its smallest details. In each stage and until the D-day, we will take care for you of the planning, the suppliers, the flowers, the decoration as a whole, in the respect of the budget that we will have fixed together. By entrusting your wedding to Gustavo you trust a professional wedding planner, knowing how to organize and take care of everything, from the preparation and management of the imperatives of your wedding and this, for your greatest happiness. At your disposal, we will organize your big day in the respect of your desires and wishes. You will never have to suffer the stress of the bride and groom, and will have peace of mind when the big day comes.

Decorating your wedding with a wedding planner in Nice

The flowers, the lighting, the atmosphere

In simplicity or luxury, our wedding planner provides you with decorations and floral art services for the ceremony, the venue and the tables. Your theme, your colors, your preferences, your personality, everything you want for your wedding will take shape in the expert hands of our decorators. The experience and wise advice of our wedding planner will allow you to see your wishes come true before your eyes, and live your wedding day in a beautiful and unique decoration to your style. A soft lighting will give a magical and enchanting atmosphere, you will be transported by this atmosphere created for you.

Room decoration, tables, chairs, dishes

The layout of the room, tables, chairs and even the lighting, being an integral part of the decoration, must be worked on down to the smallest details. From the shape to the color of the dishes, the arrangement, and the table decoration, refined dressage as well as the menu will be your allies for a successful wedding. Your color code, determined with our decoration expert, will be adapted to your wishes and your guests will take place in an exceptional place and at an exceptional table, carried by an atmosphere just as fantastic, this day will remain engraved in the memories of your guests as much as in yours.

Gustavo Averbuj : Wedding planner

The specialist in wedding planning and decoration

True partner for the elaboration and the organization of your wedding on the French Riviera from Monaco to St Tropez.